Buy a swimming jacuzzi

Not everyone knows what a swim Jacuzzi is, yet it is simply a good alternative between a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi. In addition, with a swim spa, you can relax peacefully and if necessary do a little exercise. You can find it in stores or you can buy a jacuzzi, just ask the seller.

How it works ?

A swim spa is the perfect combination between a spa and a swimming pool and just like the name suggests it allows us to swim even if the surface area is a little smaller than a normal pool. We can therefore swim at our leisure and do some aqua aerobics movements, but it also allows to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy very popular with jacuzzi users. So it allows us to keep a good physical shape especially with the system of swimming against the current which is at our disposal. So there are the single swim Jacuzzis which are made in one piece and the swim Jacuzzis or the two separate areas.

The characteristics and advantages

It is important to specify that the swim spa is equipped with a counter-current swimming system: that is to say that you swim in place but this with the help of powerful nozzles which are placed in the walls of the swim spa. the swimming pool. It is a little bigger than a normal spa, but still much smaller than a swimming pool. We have swim jacuzzi on sale which are built-in, semi-built-in which requires some small adjustments, but there are also models which are placed on the floor.

The advantages of these installations are numerous, for example, it allows you a little savings in terms of water expenditure especially. For the well-being, it allows us to do a little more sport and also provide you with a moment of relaxation alone or in good company.

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