Definition of the spa bath

The spa bath is the abbreviation for a balneotherapy bath. It is a bathtub that looks like a classic bathtub, but falls within the realm of hydrotherapy. But in addition to hot and cold water inlets, it has water jets and air jets called hydrojets, which classifies it in the field of hydro therapy. These are powered by a small electric motor through nozzles. These nozzles, six to twelve in number depending on the model, orientable or not, are distributed at the bottom and on the sides of the spa bath. Their position determines the type of treatment possible. The water temperature varies depending on the type of massage. It is between 25 and 37 ° C. A programming system defines the temperature, the power of the jets, their direction, the intensity of the light ... Most spa baths are equipped with an automatic disinfection system using ozone or another product, chlorine, bromine, etc.

The spa bath replaces the classic bathtub in the bathroom. Operating in a closed circuit, it does not use more water than the classic bathtub. It is filled with tap water which is emptied after the bath. Its principle is to allow both washing and massage of the body. The combined action of water and air ensures a localized massage of certain parts of the body. The spa bath helps provide care using water for medical or therapeutic purposes. The whirlpool bathtub thus responds to all the aggressions of modern life and contributes not only to body hygiene, but also to relaxation, well-being, relaxation, pleasure ...

The spa bath is different from the spa or jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi is a registered trademark of spa, which bears the name of its inventor, Roy Jacuzzi, Italian emigrated to the USA. The difference between the balneo bath and the spa is due to two characteristics. The first difference is that the whirlpool tub empties after each use, while the spa only empties, at least, every 3 months. The second difference between the balneo bathtub and the spa, relates to the size. Indeed, the size of the spa is much more spacious, since it allows simultaneous use by half a dozen people, compared to one or two people for the spa bath.

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