Why do I encourage my athletes to buy a jacuzzi ...

Jacuzzis are more and more popular. And with good reason! First, they can be used year round, which helps amortize our investment. In addition, since it is not essential to close it in winter, you save on starting and closing kits. Other privileges: the jacuzzi takes up less space than a swimming pool, requires less maintenance and can simply be moved. And then, an authentic haven of peace, the jacuzzi promotes rest and relaxation, allows you to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy and, thanks to its therapeutic qualities, it makes people with back pain as well as sportsmen and women happy. aching muscles. Indeed, when we play sports, we tend to hurt ourselves because of injuries, fractures and others, and after all that we just want to go home and take a bath while performing massages. and the good news is that we have this possibility thanks to the indoor jacuzzi that we can afford at home.

The privileges of the jacuzzi at home

The benefits of hydrotherapy are widely used today, especially by athletes after intense training for excellent recovery. In fact, the hot water associated with the massage of the jets increases blood circulation and eliminates excess lactic acid on the muscles as well as accumulated toxins. In addition, a spa session stimulates the production of endorphins: a natural calming agent for the body and the hormone of happiness. It allows you to sleep better after a good relaxing bath and allows the joints to continuously remain mobile, which promotes the athlete's physical prowess.

What format to buy?

There are jacuzzi spa tubs of several sizes, which can accommodate from 2 to 10 people. To better choose the format, we must first think about the space we have and where we want to install it. We choose a jacuzzi depending on our tastes, our requirements and our lifestyle.

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